Pull-up assistance resistance band - Set 3 - Save 10%.
Pull-up assistance resistance band - Set 3 - Save 10%.

Pull-up assistance resistance band - Set 3 - Save 10%.

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Save 10% on each band when bought as part of our sets.


Set 3 Facts - features 6 bands.


1 - Light resistance loop band - Red


Measures 208cm x 1.3cm x 0.45cm 


Equivalent resistance 9KG-16KG


This bands light weight and low tension is ideal for general core conditioning, rehabilitation, speed training, jumping, stretching, aerobics, yoga, and as assistance for body weight exercises.  


Widely used as aerobic bands, this band is good for beginners and those looking for light weight resistance.


2 - Light-medium resistance loop band - Black 


Measures  208cm x 2.1cm x 0.45cm


Equivalent resistance 14-23KG


This is probably the most versatile band we offer as it can be used for a whole spectrum of mid-high level resistance exercises.  


Widely used as general strength training bands, Pilates, and explosive training bands.


3 - Medium resistance loop band - Purple 


Measures 208cm x 2.9cm x 0.45cm


Equivalent resistance 18-36KG


This band is often used to lightly assist pull ups.  This is a great middle ground band for general strength training.



4 - Medium-heavy resistance loop band - Green 


Measures 208cm x 4.5cm x 0.45cm


Equivalent resistance 23-54KG


This band is great for workouts without weights.  Its one of our most popular bands to use with pull ups.  A great addition for explosive exercises.


5 - Heavy resistance loop band - Blue 


Measures 208cm x 6.4cm x 0.45cm


Equivalent resistance 27-68KG


This band is commonly used for Crossfit assisted pull-ups.  This heavy duty band is great as a powerlifting tool and can be used with free weights to offer more resistance.  Dramatically increase your power!


6 - Extra heavy resistance band loop - Orange 


Measures 208cm x 8.3cm x 0.45cm


Equivalent resistance 36-91KG


This band offers you our heaviest resistance.  Popular as a Crossfit pull-up band, and with weight lifters alike.  Maximum resistance can be achieved with this band for your deadlifts, squats, power lifts, presses, and shrugs amongst other things.


Made from Multi-layered latex



About our product


Our resistance loop bands offer fantastic versatility for your workout needs.  


There are 6 different versions of our bands offering varying levels of resistance to suit everyone - no matter what current level of fitness you are.


They are great for assisting pull ups - Helping to build reps.  They can be used for assisted dips, speed and agility training, crossfit programmes, jumping, core development, pylo-metric training, aerobics, for mobility and stretching exercises, and to help with physiotherapy treatment.  


They are very versatile and light weight - they can be taken away in a bag with ease for use when traveling, or back and forth the gym.  


They are great in helping to assist in mobility stretching and post-injury recoupment exercises.


Check our table to find what band is right for you.


Assisted pull-ups? Which band is right for me?


Check out our table to see what band is correct for you.  Look up your body weight measured in KG, and the number of unassisted pull-ups you can currently do.


Cross reference to find the band thats right for you.




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